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Creating a Cool Dashboard in APEX

In my current project I have to create a dashboards that reflects the actual (and historical) situation in a factory. At first I tried something like the dashboards Anychart provides on it's site, like this. It is possible to create that kind of stuff in APEX, but then you have to generate all the XML data by yourself. And the fastest way to do something is...don't do it at all.

So, since the subregion-feature of APEX 4, you can achieve the same results by only tweaking the Chart XML itself a "little". And now I have something like this:
Kinda cool huh? I also created an example on (refreshes every 3 seconds with random data).


Iloon said…
This is VERY nice. :-)

I am impressed.

Patrick Wolf said…
Very nice!
Hilary Farrell said…
Hi Roel,

Linear gauge charts are not one of our supported and licensed chart types within Oracle Application Express. Only those chart types exposed via our Create wizards are supported.

Buzz Killington said…
What is the "small" tweak to the XML that you need to make? Care to share?
Roel said…
@Buzz: See the (changed) example. You can see the customized (non formatted) Chart XML using the little icons in the report on the right hand side.

@Hilary: "Not licensed" = "illegal"? That's strange, because I only used the default/standard APEX Features. Also your "support clause" surprises Custom Chart XML isn't supported at all??? (I guess that's not what you mean, but pls clarify).
Hilary Farrell said…
Hi Roel,

Our charts license allows Oracle APEX customers to create the chart types that we expose via our Create wizards i.e.

* Column (2D,3D,Stacked,Stacked %,Range)
* Horizontal (2D,3D,Stacked,Stacked %,Range)
* Pie & Doughnut
* ScatterMarker
* Line
* Dial & Dial % Gauges
* Candlestick
* Project & Resource Gantts

Linear gauge charts are not one of our licensed chart types, and are not exposed via our Create wizards. Therefore, unless you obtain a separate license from AnyChart, you are not licensed to use that chart type in Oracle Application Express. There tends to be some confusion around this area, but hopefully this will help to clarify things.

Buzz Killington said…
Thank you for the update and the effort!
Anonymous said…
How do you create the ability to have chart data change like this?
Roel said…
@Wayne : The query for every chart is something like :

select trunc(dbms_random.value(50,100)),100
from dual

and the charts refresh is set to every 3 seconds.

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