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OGH APEX Day 2011

Yesterday it the Dutch Oracle User Group (OGH) organized a full day APEX-only event. And what a day it was! With 250 attendees it was completely sold out. And I guess, if there had been more room, there might have been even close to 300 people there. So APEX gaines more and more interest - and faster and faster...  And where did all those people came for? Before lunch there were three general sessions. The first was by Tony Andrews and Nigel Blair of Northgate, talking about their 1500 Forms-to-APEX conversion project. They succeeded and therewith proved (again) that APEX is capable of running enterprise / large scale / mission critical applications. But as they started some years ago, they couldn't use all the new cool stuff, like Dynamic Actions, and therefor build an own framework. And that might require "some" work to bring it into the APEX 4 world. But that's the disadvantage of being ahead of the curve! Then Hilary went on stage to tell - and show! - us the

Spring cleaning your APEX instance

While I was working on my (and Marco's) presentation for Kscope11 about the XFILES, I discovered some trash under the XML DB carpet of my database. If I executed the statement  select * from RESOURCE_VIEW where under_path( res, 1, '/')=1 I got (amongst others) So apart from the standard "images" directory, there where three more...  When you upgrade an APEX instance the old images directory is renamed (a datetime-stamp is added) and a new one is created - just in case you need to fall back on your old stuff. If you use a webserver the presence of that directory is easy to see - and to delete.  When using the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG) the same procedure is applied, but now you probably wont notice, until you look for it... To get rid of the old stuff run (of course use your own images directory instead of mine): begin   dbms_xdb.deleteresource( '/images_201102071025'                          , dbms_xdb.delete_recursive);   commit; end; After running th