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Me and the ODTUG Board

This afternoon my Twitter timeline exploded with retweets, likes and congratulations. It all started with this tweet: So it's official now. As Sarah Zumbrum had to step down due to her (dream) move to Oracle, a position on the ODTUG board opened up. And I was asked whether I was still interested. And of course I was! So after an internal voting procedure, I received the good news last weekend - and had to keep quiet for a few days...which was quite hard! Last November I wrote a blog post " I *almost* made it to the ODTUG Board of Directors... ", but now the word between the asterisks can be omitted. I am thrilled to serve on the board - even though it's initially only until the end of the year. I'll definitely run again for the board in October - so you'd better become a member a.s.a.p. to vote for me then (if you aren't already)! Hope to see you all at Kscope16 or any other local event. You can read the official statement on the ODTUG site