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No Collaborate 2010 for me - thanks to the Icelandic (bank) e-ruption...

I was really looking forward to fly out last Saturday to Las Vegas for my first visit to Collaborate. But the Icelandic vulcano with the unpronounceable name (something like " Eiwjhfdjaajfkjjsirsuj "), threw soot in the food - which is a direct translation of a Dutch saying, the corresponding English saying would be something like: " spoil-sported it ". So both my presentations are canceled, sorry for those who had planned to attend! The good thing is, I got a 100% refund of both flights and hotel from Expedia, with one single phone call of a few minutes on Sunday. A great service, that I didn't expect, so I was happily surprised by that! So at least I got cashes for ashes, bucks for dust .... I really hope the air will be clean before the next big conference, ODTUG Kaleidoscope in Washington, and hope to see you all there!

Call for Papers UKOUG TEBS Conference

  I just received an email that the Call for Papers for the UKOUG Conference Series Technology & E-Business Suite 2010 has opened. The submission deadline is 2nd August, so you still have some time. The event itself is from 28th November to 1st Devember in Birmingham. From my experience I can only say that this is the best European Oracle event around, so if you want to be part of it: Just do it! Submit your abstracts here: .

Alternative to Alternating Row Colors in an Interactive Report

Almost a year ago I blogged about a solution how to create those nice striping in an Interactive Report . That solution is based on using the onLoad method of an image that you use in the IR for linking to a Form. The downside of that solution is that it doesn't 'support' sorting and filtering. After applying a sort of a filter the coloring is all gone. Also - in some browsers - the order in which the rows (or images) are loaded is not the same order as you see on the screen, resulting in a more or less randomized striping... But recently I found out about the l_LastFunction attribute of a report. That function is called after all worksheet (report) AJAX calls. So if we define a function that does the striping for just the odd rows in the worksheet after all calls - like sorting, filtering - are done, the striping just keeps working! The code uses jQuery and is just this: $(function(){   function altColor(){    $(".apexir_WORKSHEET_DATA tr:odd").addClass(&quo