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APEX 4.0 : Overwhelming...

Just like the rest of the 'APEX World' I immediately jumped on the 4.0-bandwagon and signed up for a workspace on . Although I have seen a lot of the 4.0 stuff this year, but having the thing in your own hands is something completely different! IMHO this version (even without Websheets!) is the major APEX release ever. There are so many new, enhanced or restyled features, it just blows you away on first sight. I almost feel a newbie again... I hope to find the time to dive into some new features the next couple of days (or probably weeks..).

Abstracts accepted for IOUG Collaborate and ODTUG Kaleidoscope

Last Friday I received a mail from IOUG Collaborate telling me my abstracts were accepted. It will be my first Collaborate attendance (and my first visit to Las Vegas), so I am very honored by that! I will do the next two presentations there: It's great to integrate: Integrating Oracle Forms within Oracle Application Express. Since the release of version 3.2, the Oracle Forms migration toolkit is part of Oracle Application Express. This toolkit is not a silver bullet, so for complex Forms, labor-intensive adjustments in APEX will be necessary. To preserve investments in Oracle Forms and to prevent large re-investments in APEX, it is an advantage if you fully integrate existing Oracle Forms within Oracle Application Express. In this session you will learn how to integrate existing Oracle Forms in Oracle Application Express pages and how you can make these two technologies communicate with each other. Tales from a Parallel Universe: Using 11gR2’s Edition Based Redefinitions (in

UKOUG 2009 recap

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the UKOUG Technology & EBS Conference. The 3 days of presentations and social networking started already on Sunday evening with the ACE dinner - very well organized by Mark and Debra. Thai food combined with good company is proven to be an excellent combination! Amongst all the tracks I picked the ones on APEX 4.0, Forms-to-APEX conversions and some DBA / CBO / SQL presentations. APEX 4.0 One of the greatest (of many) interesting features of APEX 4.0 is - without any doubt - the Plug-In functionality. Anyone can define snippets of code that can be used in a declarative way in your application. By defining a Dynamic Action based on a Plug-In, you can probably do anything - only limited by your imagination! Plug-Ins are defined per application, but can be published and subscribed, like you can do with Templates. Oracle is planning to have a Plug-In repository at (or containing the Plug-In code itself