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Unexpected behaviour using SSO Authentication for APEX

A customer of mine switched to a Singe Sign On Authentication Scheme for their APEX application - using Oracle Access Manager, but that's irrelevant to this case. In the application there's a function to create an - temporarily - "real" APEX user. That APEX user is used in another JavaScript application that uses ORDS and the built-in APEX authentication - thus requiring the existence of APEX users. That function ran flawlessly when the application was still on APEX Authentication. But after switching to SSO, it complained about "ADMIN" privileges .... although the usernames are identical: SSO and APEX Authentication used the same usernames. So it must be something in the authorization / security realm, isn't it? Thus we tried a smart thing and moved that particular function to another - APEX Authenticated - application, while sharing the login credentials via a cookie. But to no avail. Some complaint. So I contacted the APEX Development team and -

Navigating through your APEX Calendar - the easy way

The renewed Calendar Region in APEX is awesome. With just one SQL statement you can provide your users with a calendar view of their data that looks very familiar to what they already know, use and love. Apart from one thing: Navigating to a specific date is cumbersome. The shortest route is: Navigate to the right month (can be any number of clicks)  Switch to "Week view"  Navigate to the right week (between 0 and 4 clicks)  Switch to "Day view"  Navigate to the right dat (between 0 and 7 clicks) Way to many clicks! So how hard can it be to make it easier - more user-friendly? We would like to navigate from both the Month view and the Week view directly into the Day view of a specific date. So with just one click once we have that day in sight. Dynamic Actions to the rescue. Of course. What else... First from the Month view to the Day view: 1. Create a Dynamic Action with the specs as shown to the left. Notice the the Event Scope should be "Dyn