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The OBUG APEX SIG, held yesterday in Vilvoorde (near Brussels), was a smashing success. Due to the overwhelming amount of registrations, we even had to disappoint some people... Next year we should look for a venue that can accommodate more people! Due to a long (at least, longer than I expected) driving time, I arrived during Anthony Rayner's presentation on APEX 4.1. It contained lots of demo's, especially the ones about the new error handling features where impressive: this is really a major improvement! The remarkable thing about the presentation itself was, he used a new feature of Websheets: Presentation Mode! Using this, you can (more or less easily) create presentations that contain real live data! After the coffee break, iAdvise did a nice presentation on how to build (and use) Plug-ins. It was a smooth step-by-step approach on how to create a Plug-in. Well done guys! The lunch was excellent, thanks to Oracle... Right after that, John Scott did a presentation on OH

XFILES APEX Community Edition (XACE)

For the upcoming KScope, Marco Gralike and myself are working on a revamped version of the XFILES application Carl Backstrom and Mark Drake presented 3 years ago during OOW. Using the techniques they presented and the current state of the art (APEX 4), we created a database centric Version Control system for APEX...built in APEX and XML-DB. For a (very brief) preview and some background information, take a look at Marco's blog . For those who can't make it to Long Beach, we will do a preview session on June 14, at the AMIS office in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands, that is).

Expert Oracle Application Express

I have just seen half of the chapters in this upcoming book. And I only can say: WOW ! The content of this book is just so good. So this is definitely a must-have! You can  pre-order it already ( click here ). And - again - all revenues go to charity....