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Handling a slow loading APEX Home Page - the easy way

Recently someone was asking me this question via e-mail: "On my home page I have defined a couple of PL/SQL processes that take a long time - like 30 seconds - to finish. These processes fill up some collections that are used on the page to show information. But how can I let the user know that the system is "working", because right now they're watching at an empty screen (or the login screen) for 30 seconds." Apart from speeding up the queries, there are two approaches to solve this (that I know off) : The first one is using AJAX calls. So call the processes On Demand - using apex.server.process - and refresh the reports / regions when they're finished. Elegant, but it requires some recoding - and some JavaScript and that may not your first choice ... An alternative is, to create a "page-in-between". So create a dummy page (like 999). Set the Home URL of the User Interface to that 999 (see pic below). So after login the user is se

Submit your paper for UKOUG Tech14 now (or before May 23)

Offering a great opportunity here : You can be an (active) participant of one of the greatest Oracle events in Europe : UKOUG's Tech 14. This year the event will be held in Liverpool, from December 8 to 10 (so just after "Sinterklaas" this year!). Submit your abstract via and earn a free entrance ticket. Your presentation doesn't has to cover the latest, greatest or weirdiest and most obscure feature of your favorite product, also introductory talks are wanted more than ever! So get your creative flows running and submit your idea(s) before Friday May 23. And I hope to see you there ....

Sneak preview for Kscope14 !

It has been a while, but this year AMIS and SMART4APEX are organizing an ODTUG KScope Preview event together. This event will be held on Thursday, June 12th at the AMIS offices in Nieuwegein. This year the annual ODTUG - Oracle Developer Tools User Group - event takes place in Seattle, from June 22 to 26. Alas not everyone has the chance to join this event. And therefore AMIS and SMART4APEX have joined forces and offer the opportunity to attend some of KScope’s presentations. A number of presenters from Europe will run a final try out of their presentations during this preview event. During the event you will have the choice of three presentations in three streams: APEX, Database Development and ADF.Click on the agenda for the list of sessions and their abstracts. To make sure there's enough place (and food ! and drinks !) for everyone : Click here to register . And, yes, we are well aware the World Championships are starting that very same night. But luckily that