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Running an APEX app native on an iPhone - revisited

Almost two years ago I wrote two blogposts about how to run an APEX application as native as possible on an iPhone (see the demo  and the details ). But that was so long ago, using Phonegap 1.3.0 and APEX 3-something. Nowadays we have APEX 4.2 with more mobile capabilities and Phonegap is rebranded to Cordova and already on version 3. So the question is: Is it still possible, and is it easier of harder? The answer is: it is still possible and way easier. Especially the command-line-interface (CLI) of Cordova helps a lot to get up and running within a minute. And for getting data in and out of the database we now can use the RESTful web services of the APEX Listener. Details will be revealed later, but here's the "live demo" .

Get your abstracts in for the best conference of 2014 !

We're just in the second half of the 2013 and now we're already talking about "The best conference of 2014"?  Yep! And this conference will be held on Jun 22-26 in Seattle. So I am talking about ODTUG Kscope 14 . What else could it be .... And the best conference needs the best preparation.  And as content is one of the main things that makes this conference awesome, we need our content lined up as soon as possible. And that's why the call for papers is open now and will be open until October 15 (no extension!). So you still have two months to come up with a subject you're passionate about. If there is something you want to share with the Kscope audience, this is your chance. As we need content for all attendees, from beginner to advanced and for every subject, I am pretty sure you can think of a few things that you can talk about! And this is also an excellent opportunity to dive into a subject and learn yourself: Just submit an abstract of something you w

APEXposed 2013, Sep 10 and 11 in Montreal

While KScope seems only a few weeks ago, ODTUG already announced a new great APEX event! APEXPosed 2013 will be held on September 10 and 11 in Montreal. The agenda looks great, with a nice mix from local and international speakers. The APEX Development Team will be represented by both Joel Kallman and David Peake. And, so just a few weeks before Oracle Open World, we might get a sneak peak of APEX 5 ... you never know! Other international speakers are Steven Feuerstein, Scott Spendolini, Anton Nielsen ... and myself. The complete line up can be found here . It'll be my first visit to Canada and I am really looking forward to it. I've planned to explore the city a few days before the conference, so if you've got tips, must sees etc., let me know! So register now for this event ( ), I am sure it'll be awesome!