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Create a Navigation Bar based on a SQL statement

Creating a Navigation Bar using static values is very straightforward. Just create a list similar to this example below - and you can easily define multiple levels. Then, in the User Interface Attributes, set that list to be your application's "Navigation Bar List" and specify the template. And the Navigation Bar pops up nicely in the upper right corner of the screen. So far so good. But what if you don't want a Static List, but get a list based on a SQL statement? Then you have to enter a statement that adheres to the this structure: select level, labelValue label, [targetValue] target, [is_current] is_current_list_entry, [imageValue] image, [imageAttributeValue] image_attribute, [imageAltValue] image_alt_attribute, [attribute1] attribute1, [attribute2] attribute2, [attribute3] attribute3, [attribute4]