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OOW 2012 Schedule

As always it is hard to create a schedule for Oracle Open World. Knowing that there are about 100 concurrent sessions, you'll miss 99% of all the content... Nevertheless, I combined sessions around APEX, Database Development, Cloud etc into an interesting schedule for the upcoming week...spiced up with the social/networking events as usual. So for what it's worth, here it is (and note my own session as almost the closing session of the event..):

Bye Logica. Hello APEX-Evangelists!

17 years ago I started at working at CMG. 17 years! That's a long time, and a lot of things have changed during that period. CMG became LogicaCMG. LogicaCMG became Logica. And recently Logica merged with CGI - and the new name will probably be just CGI in a few months or years. So the company grow from a few thousand people mainly in The Netherlands and the UK to over 70,000 worldwide now. And you can imagine the structure of the organisation changed as well, from a team oriented approach to a more multi layered management structure. And, in my experience, meanwhile the culture of the organisation changed from a employee centred company to a shareholder (a.k.a. "money") centred organisation. So Logica as it is now, is a completely different company is the one I started 17 years ago.  So, a few months ago, that made me think: Would i spend the rest of my working life - what is still 20 years or so - at this company. And my answer was "No". So what's next? I