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OGh APEX Day, March 30 2010

On March 30 the OGh (Oracle Usergroup Holland) organizes its first APEX Day. One day packed with success stories from companies and presentations. This meeting offers a lot of in depth presentations, interesting content and meetings with colleagues. Besides user experience, this is another day that will stress the developments of APEX 4.0. Although the program has not been finalized, it is already announced that Dimitri Gielis (Apex Evangelists), Patrick Wolf (Oracle), Art Melssen (CIBER) and myself will fill a presentation slot. I guess most presentations will be in Dutch (not Patrick's). At this moment already 57 people signed up...and there is room for only 120. So you better be quick. You can register here .

APEX Plugin Directory

For all you APEX Plugin developers: There is already an operational APEX Plugin Directory available at . You can add your own Plugins there and view and download the ones your co-APEX developers came up with. Looks pretty slick, with just one drawback: It is not built in APEX (at this moment). Oracle also has one under construction at .

APEX 4.0 PlugIn for Google Wave

Better late than never... I am also happily playing around with APEX 4.0 and busy creating some PlugIns. The first one is rather simple (once you get the hang of it). It can show you a Google Wave by just entering the Wave ID (ok, and a width and height for your convenience). If you have a Google Wave account you can see the results and download the PlugIn on : . More to come ... : as you can see in the Wave, there are lots of good ideas on PlugIns!!