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Create a calendar item returning week numbers

When you use the built-in jQuery UI datepicker in your APEX page, you choose from a number of different format masks...but something with "week" is not one of them. And guess what I needed for recent project... But, the good news is, you can (rather easy) use the jQuery framework to tweak the result that's returned from the datepicker. Just create a Dynamic Action that fires on load of the page, and add these line of Javascript: //Show the week number as the first column $( ".datepicker" ).datepicker( "option", "showWeek", true ); //Set Monday as the first day of the week $( ".datepicker" ).datepicker( "option", "firstDay", 1 ); //Return yyyy-ww instead of the actual date $(".datepicker").datepicker("option", "onSelect",        function(value, date)        { var week=$.datepicker.iso8601Week (                new Date(date.selectedYear,                        date.selected

Wouldn't you like to talk to your APEX app?

Of course you are familiar with Martin Giffy D'Souza's blog  (if you're not, check it out - it's really worthwhile). But wouldn't it be nice to not only talk about APEX, but also to APEX? The only thing you need is a recent version of Chrome (11 or up) and a microphone. And then...just by entering "x-webkit-speech" to the HTML Form Element Attributes of your input item, you have speech-enabled your application! All "speech enabled" items will get a little mic at the end. When you click on it, you can say what you like. Oh yeah..and it works for number and date fields as well! One remark : Whatever you enter will go through Google's voice recognition ... so Big Brother is listening in on you! Try it out yourself on :