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Spelling out numbers...

Allways wanted to spell out numbers ? The most simple solution is using a SQL date (!) format mask: SQL>select to_char( to_date( 12345, 'J'), 'JSP') Words from dual; WORDS ---------------------------------------- TWELVE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE There is one drawback : it works only with integers between 1 and 5373484..

Cool extensions for SQL Developer

On this page you can find two fine extensions on SQL Developer. With ErrorsLookup4Raptor a small entry field is added to the toolbar where you can enter an Oracle error code. The cause and action of the error will be displayed. Saves a lot of time searching through manuals! The other extension is Insider4Raptor, a graphic tool that shows all your database activity and traffic. Looks a lot like SQL Monitor from Quest, but a lot cheaper (like free Laughing). Take a look at this screendump (in real life there are a lot of "moving dots" and it looks even more fancy!) Try it out yourself!