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My OPP/APEXPosed schedule

As you might know, next week (Oct 27 and 28, 2010) the first ODTUG's OPP/APEXposed conference will be held in Europe - in Brussels that is. And even for such a small conference (compared to OOW, ODTUG Kaleidoscope and UKOUG), it is hard to choose the sessions. For every session you select, there are at least two or three other ones you would like to attend also! But I managed to create a nice schedule for myself. During the conference I might change plans - so no guarantee.... And yes, I have one of the final slots - just before the APEX and PL/SQL quizzes.

Create a favicon for your APEX 4.0 application

Probably totally superfluous, but a "favicon" is the little picture that shows up in your browser tab or bookmark list - like the example above. The APEX Page Templates support this nice feature by these two lines in the Header property : So if you replace that default favicon file - which is not so cool - with your own, then you'll get something like the picture above. However, that file (on your virtual /i/ directory on a standard install) may be overwritten by the APEX default icon when upgrading or patching! That favicon will then be used for all your APEX applications A more flexible alternative is to go through all page templates and change the reference to your own favorite icon file to #APP_IMAGES# .ico (or to something like #IMAGE_PREFIX#my-icons/ .ico. And of course upload a nice little icon for every application...