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KScope 11 - Sunday

The first day (or pre-conference day) was filled with four full day Symposium sessions. The APEX one I attended was completely filled by the APEX Development team itself.  Joel Kallman kicked the day off with a nice story about the development of APEX, the tools they used etc. Then there where three more sessions about Tablular Forms, Interactive Report and Webservices - all pointing out the new APEX 4.1 features.  The coolest one of the day was Marc'Sewtz's presentation on APEX for Mobile Devices. He showed that, using HTML 5 in your template, you can create real native-looking applications for mobile devices. You can already do that using the current version of APEX, but the 4.1 will also contain support for special mobile actions, like rotate and tap - so you can create Dynamic Actions on these events. As jQuery Mobile, the framework they're using, isn't production yet, probably some of these mobile features will be disabled in the first release of 4.1.  Mike Hich

Uploaded our "XFILES, the APEX 4 version - The truth is in there" presentation ....

Yesterday, June 15th, Marco and I did our first try-out of this brand new presentation during the AMIS ODTUG Preview. The next real appearance will be in two weeks in Long Beach during KScope11 . It all went pretty well, we received some tips and tricks do it even better - so be there if you can! The presentation can be downloaded from Slideshare or from . On SourceForge you can also download the demo application... And we still can use some votes for OOW Suggest-a-Session ... (until June 19th). XFILES, the APEX 4 version - The truth is in there View more presentations from me

OOW Suggest-a-Session : Top Voted Sessions

During the period the Suggest-a-Session for Oracle Open World 2011 on Oracle Mix is open, you can't see the rank of the (or your!) proposal. Only by accessing every proposal and writing down the number of votes, it is possible to get an idea of the rank of a proposed session. This is quite a cumbersome why not automate this? Heavily inspired by Wilfred van der Deijl, who wrote a Java program to do that, I created a similar functionality using just the Oracle Database. Who needs Java after all ;-) The first set up requires setting the ACL right for using utl_http. Next I had to import the certificate Oracle is using for that site into the Oracle Wallet Manager and then create a function that retrieves all proposals and filters the title, presenter and the number of votes. This takes a while, so I dumped the results in a table.  Next I uploaded the results to my workspace on (couldn't run the procedure from that site as the ACL there prevents the