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Adding a missing tab to SQL Developer

In SQL Developer v1.2 the trigger tab for views is missing. You can add this tab (and many many others you can think of) by using User Defined Extensions. Create an XML file with the definition of the tab: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <items>   <item type="editor" node="ViewNode" vertical="true">     <title><![CDATA[Triggers]]></title>     <query>       <sql>         <![CDATA[select table_owner                 , trigger_name                 , trigger_type                 , triggering_event                 , status                 from user_triggers                 where table_name = :OBJECT_NAME         ]]>       </sql>     </query>     <subquery type="code">       <query>         <sql><![CDATA[ select dbms_metadata.get_dll                                 ('TRIGGER'                                 ,:trigger_name