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Kscope Wednesday

Also today is packed with excellent sessions. The first one, " Cookie Monster ", by Tim St.Hillaire covered the different type of cookies and how you can set and read them from within your APEX application. For a lot of purposes you could nowadays use local storage as well, but there's still a case for cookies - and that's not a jar ;-) The second one, " Single Sign On ", by Anton Nielsen was excellent as well. He made clear that just Authentication is not enough: In most cases we need to get back our previous session state as well. A feature that will be included in APEX 5: Session joining. Only in a multi-tenant infrastructure it is not a good idea to enable this as this might open up the possibility to hijack a session. He also explained that from a security point of view, it is important that the APEX authentication is based on both the cookie and the sessionID in the URL. In session number three, " Pins, Polygons and Perspective ", Christoph

Kscope Tuesday

This day was quite busy: I had two presentations and a panel session, more or less back to back. My first presentation " Intro into Mobile APEX Development " went ok, but I was especially pleased with the way my second presentation " Creating Hybrid APEX Applications " did go. I think I got the message across that it is not that hard to create APEX Applications with native iOS (or Android) functionality, like accessing the Contacts on the phone and use the native Twitter app (or Facebook, Mail, etc) to send a message straight from your APEX application. And I received some very positive feedback, either via Twitter or directly .. And - also important - I had really fun while presenting as this pic (by Jorge Rimblas) proves. In the evening we had a great ACE Dinner at a local brewery. So that included good food. And beer. And more beer .... And a poker game concluded another awesome day (although I didn't win) !

Kscope Monday

The Monday started off with the general session. The most awaited announcement was: Where will Kscope have it's residence in 2015? The answer can be found on (in short: in an awesome resort in Florida). After that, the selection begins ... which session should I attend... I picked two interesting sessions about the APEX Listener / Oracle Rest Data Service. This product is growing fast in functionality and will get more important in the Oracle infrastructure soon! My favorite session of the day was the one from John Scott, called " Removing the boring from testing ". A maybe slightly misleading title, as he was covering utterly cool " headless browsers ". Apart from NodeJs, which is a headless server, you can also have an headless browser: a browser without a screen output. Using these tools you can programmatically - using JavaScript - call webpages and examine the result. So using this technique you can write test scripts - in an easy and fa

Kscope is awesome ....

As a tradition, this Sunday Kscope kicked off with a full day of presentations by Oracle's APEX Development Team. And of course it was all about "5.0". Joel started with the "Awesome revolution of APEX" - the term " awesome " (and the associated song) seems the be the conference team this year. After that the Page Designer, Interactive Reports, Mobile development all got the special attention they deserve. But the best part - or at least the most surprising part - was the "UI" presentation by Shakeeb. He introduced the new Universal Theme (number 42) with the Template Options feature - so you need less templates because special settings are driven by the options. But - with a great "one more thing", he surprised everyone with the demo of the Universal Theme Roller. Similar to but it looked better. So you can "live style" the look and feel of your application. CSS knowledge becomes

Building a Kscope14 schedule ...

Building a schedule for Kscope seems to get harder and harder every year. The number of interesting sessions per time slot is usually more than 3, so it's very hard to pick one - because you're pretty sure you are missing a few other good ones. And via Twitter you'll find out pretty soon whether you picked the right one or not. A complicating factor is the World Cup that's organized simultaneously - just like four years ago in Washington. Luckily the Dutch team is scheduled only once in that week: on Monday morning at 9AM. So that means ... I have to skip the opening ceremony. For the rest of the week it's just packed. Some people think attending conferences is a holiday. Once you've done Kscope you know better. It's work. Hard work. And it is so much fun! But in the end I managed to create a schedule (see below if you actually do mind). There's still a few slots with two sessions in it. So I have to split myself now and then. I'm doing two sessi