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Creating a network planning using hierarchical queries

Assume we have a table of locations like Name Null? Type ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------- ID NOT NULL NUMBER NAME NOT NULL VARCHAR2(50) and a table of possible lines (or route parts) like Name Null? Type ----------------------------------------- -------- -------- ID NOT NULL NUMBER FROM_LOC_ID NOT NULL NUMBER TO_LOC_ID NOT NULL NUMBER DISTANCE NOT NULL NUMBER How can we calculate the best route (in this case: the route with the shortest distance) from a startpoint to an endpoint? The answer is: By using an hierarchical query: select dep_name , arr_name , route , distance , execute(distance) total from ( select connect_by_root dep_id , conn

Loud! 2006 - Our own OOW, but smaller…

On November 9th my employer, LogicaCMG, organised it’s own version of Oracle Open World, but just a little bit smaller. About 130 colleagues came to Amstelveen to listen to the keynote (after a good dinner) and after that three times a choice from one of the three parallel sessions. As usual the evening was very well organised (thank you committee!), but there was some experience as it was already the 7th version of this annual event. The keynote speaker was Rob Blaauboer who enlightened us about Innov8 (the 8 should be the mathematical infinite sign, but I can’t find that one on my keyboard), a method to visualize what technologies a company should adopt or look in to in the nearer or farther future. The first parallel session I visited was Oracle2Go by Reza and Robert. Oracle2GO is a framework as an extension of the ADF Framework, to develop applications faster and with higher quality. They mentioned a couple of success stories and proudly pointed out that they managed to achieve a