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ODTUG in the rearview mirror

Still recovering from a light jet lag, it is time to look back at another excellent ODTUG event. Although I planned to blog about it on a daily basis, the social/networking activities prevented that... (a.k.a. "I rather drink a beer with some friends and have a good chat, that write another blog post" ). So here's a (rather) long wrap up of this fantastic event! Sunday June 21: APEX Symposium The symposium, with around 200 attendees, started at 8:00 AM (attending ODTUG is really hard work!). The day started with a sort of keynote by Joel Kallman , followed by 6 presentations of real world APEX applications and was finished off with a Panel discussion. Some highlights of the day: Joel did an excellent presentation called Application Express: Ahead of the Curve . He explained that APEX is still ahead of it's time and therefore will still gain (even) more interest in the market. Especially because of the high speed development, you can create all kinds of applications

Abstract for Oracle Open World accepted!

To my suprise I received an e-mail from the Oracle Open World Content Team that my abstract "It's Great to Integrate: Combining Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express" has been accepted - even though it is still "in the Mix", open for voting (currently 65 votes at the 9th position). Maybe a 'spy' attended my session at ODTUG? Nevertheless, I proudly accepted the invitation and hope to see you all at the next Oracle event in San Francisco!

ODTUG 's just like a high school reunion

Today I drove down from SFO to Monterey via the scenic coastal route. At first I had some problems with my car: it is the first time I drive a car with an automatic gearbox, so I have to keep remembering to leave my left foot just where it is.... In Monterey I first went to the Bay Aquarium. It was quite busy there, but once you've seen it, you know why. I especially liked the jellyfish and the octopus. Just beautiful! At the aquarium I already met "the Insum guys": Francis and Patrick. Back at the hotel I met more old acquaintances, visiting ODTUG again is just like a high school reunion... After dinner and some beers, the jetlag is really kicking computer tells me it's 6 AM and I feel tired... Looking forward to the sessions of tomorrow!

Anycharts Conversion Package available

As I wrote in a previous post my colleague Rutger was working on an Anycharts Conversion Package to automagically convert the standard charts in APEX from version 3 to version 4. That's finished now. You can download the latest (beta) release on ! Give it a try!!

Earplugged, Blindfolded and Jetlagged

After a long long journey I finally made it to my hotel next to San Francisco Airport. I can see the planes as they come and go, but luckily can't hear them. The first leg of my trip, from Amsterdam to Cincinnatti, wasn't that bad: I had a complete row of three chairs for myself! Delta provided everyone with earplugs and blindfolds, so I stretched my legs and took some naps (still don't know if it is a good idea to take as much sleep as you can on a flight or to try to stay awake as long as you can, in order to survive a none hour time lap). The offerings on the entertainment system where good enough and even the food was ok. I had less then two hours to change planes in Cincinnatti, and - with the experiences of the Sam Francisco and Houston Immigration lines - I wasn't certain that that would be enough. To my big suprise there was no line at all (I don't want to call three people in fron of me a 'line')! I even had to wait at the luggage belt before my s

Vote for OOW sessions is open...and mine is one of them...

As from today the Vote-a-Session for Oracle Open World 2009 is open. The organization received over 3,500 (!) abstracts. 350 of theses submissions are granted 'direct access' to the main OOW program and around 150 were selected for the public Vote-a-Session on Oracle Mix...including mine (so I already made it to the top-500). But now I need your vote! So please login on Oracle Mix (you can easily create an account if you don't have one) and vote for My Session: "It's great to integrate: Combining Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express" . The full list of proposals is available on Last year there were a lot of APEX related sessions to vote for, this year I can only find around five. Alert: You have to vote for at least 3 sessions for your votes to count! Hope to see you all at OOW....

Can't wait to unpack my ACE Award...

Last Friday I received an email from the Oracle ACE Program Office that I am accepted for the Oracle ACE Award! At this moment I am not on the ACE Directory and also my OTN Forum Profile doesn't show the Ace of Spades yet, but that should be fixed in a few days or so (I am more than thrilled to swap my two 'Guru medals' for one spade thing). The award itself seems a little dangerous because I had to sign a document to release Oracle from all liability for any injuries caused by that award. Seems like a rather sharp thing... According to the ACE Directory I am the 215th worldwide, 13th in The Netherlands, and, after Andrew and Piet , the third within Logica. A special thanks to David and John who nominated me. I guess I owe them a few drinks during the upcoming ODTUG event...

Alternating Row Colors in Interactive Report

In APEX, using an 'old-fashioned' report, you can create alternating row colors out of the box. But when you want to use the Interactive Report (IR) features, you can't do that anymore. But some people still have that need, according to this question on the Forum . The main problem is that you can filter and re-order the resultset on the fly, so you can't define the coloring using the onload method of the page, because that's only fired once. But when you have a Link Column in your report you can use the onload event of the image in that link : <img src="#IMAGE_PREFIX#edit.gif" alt="" onLoad="Alternate(this);"> And define in your Page HTML Header: You can see the colorful result here:

Highlight Row in Interactive Report

Recently I encountered a question on the OTN Forum about " How to Highlight a Current Row in an Interactive Report ". For a regular report that kind of highlighting is a built-in functionality in the template, but an IR doesn't have a (editable) template (could be a nice enhancement for a future version though!). But you can override the styles used by an IR, by adding some STYLE tags in the Page HTML Header. First take a look at the on-line demo . You can click the [Edit] button to see the highlighting in action. So how do we achieve that: First we need to add a function call to the [Edit] link/button in the IR: Add "onclick=highLight(this);" to the Link Attributes property of the Link Column. This click calls a "highLight" function, defined in the Page HTML Header: function highLight( pThis ){ $('td').removeClass('current'); $(pThis).parent().parent().children().addClass('current') ; var empno = $(pThis).parent().ne