Thursday, September 25, 2008

SQL Developer Data Modeller definitely is the end of Designer

From the demo's I've seen of the SQL Developer Data Modeller the functionality exceeds the Designer modelling functionality by far. It's support physical and logical modelling as well as multi dimensional models (OLAP). You can import models from multiple sources - also from Designer. The functionality includes domains, glossaries, naming conventions and standards, abbreviations and even a process modeller. There are even more, newer, database types supported than Designer does. The metadata can be stored in a file based repository or in a database repository - that even will include versioning. The tool will (eventually) be available as a stand alone version, as a SQL Developer extension, viewer only and as a web-publishing version. So all in all it seems to be a complete solution for data modelling that can - and probably will - replace Designer... As the presenter said : You can still buy Designer [but]...
"Soon" the beta version of Data Modeller will be released, using the filebased repository. And about the $$$: The licensing model is not sure yet...(see this for my previous post about this subject).

And keeping the best for last: They're also thinking about an APEX generator (because Mike Hitchwa wants it..).
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