Monday, September 22, 2008

OOW2008 - Monday : What's buzzzzzing round here?

Today Charles Phillips and Chuck Rozwat created a new buzzzword : Oracle Beehive. The Beehive is all about Collaboration in a Web2.0 environment. Communication using e-mail, wiki's etc. and Coordination like calendars, contacts and tags. The goal is to move from fragmentation - different kinds of applications and servers - to integration, so reducing infrastructure (and infrastructural costs). Using the exitsing Oracle Infrastructure, Beehive is intergrated, secure and open, making users more productive. It seems alike a total new version of Oracle Collaboration Suite.

Let's see where this buzzzz is leading to. Oracle docs are online.

The keynote had even a small Dutch part; Jan Muchez, the CIO of KPN, spoke some words about the use of the Telco industry application within KPN.
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