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Building a Kscope14 schedule ...

Building a schedule for Kscope seems to get harder and harder every year. The number of interesting sessions per time slot is usually more than 3, so it's very hard to pick one - because you're pretty sure you are missing a few other good ones. And via Twitter you'll find out pretty soon whether you picked the right one or not.
A complicating factor is the World Cup that's organized simultaneously - just like four years ago in Washington. Luckily the Dutch team is scheduled only once in that week: on Monday morning at 9AM. So that means ... I have to skip the opening ceremony.
For the rest of the week it's just packed. Some people think attending conferences is a holiday. Once you've done Kscope you know better. It's work. Hard work. And it is so much fun!
But in the end I managed to create a schedule (see below if you actually do mind). There's still a few slots with two sessions in it. So I have to split myself now and then.
I'm doing two sessions on Tuesday myself. Both on APEX Mobile. One is a beginners session, the other one is about creating native (or hybrid) applications with APEX.
Really looking forward to it. Especially meeting all the old friends and making new ones! See you in Seattle!!!