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Firefox and JInitiator crashes

Today I discovered that Firefox crashes when I started up an Oracle Forms application using JInitiator. One thing I noticed that two JVM's were started (two icons showed up in the taskbar). After switching off Java inside Firefox (via Tools->Options->Content) everything works fine. So no need for IE anymore...


Takis said…
I am trying to get Firefox and Jinitiator to work on Vista but it keeps complaining about a missing plugin. Any ideas?
Roel said…
I don't have a Vista PC, but from what I understood from Oracle, JInitiator will not be certified on Vista. You should use Suns JVM instead.
aims said…
Hi Roel,
i am vista user. can u tell me i can i make my PC work for Oracle application without useing JInitiator

Roel said…
As you can find on technology/products/forms/ htdocs/10gR2/clientsod_forms10gR2.html :

JInitiator is known to not work with Vista and Sun is not planning to support 1.3 on Vista. Oracle therefore have no plans to certify JInitiator with Vista.Vista users should be steered towards Sun's plug-in 1.5 once it is certified. That is planned for

So you should try using Suns JVM instead of JInitiator (I didn't try it yet, because I don't have Vista).
Roel said…
And using JVM instead of JInitiator needs a change on the applicition server config files (and not on the PC of th e end user).
YouTube Addict said…
Thanks for the tip! It works and saved me A LOT of time!
MJ said…
Wow....thanks a ton man!! was kinda searching for the solution n dont know how i missed ur site though!! U r the best!!
Ganesh said…
What change is required on the applicition server config files . Could you please explain so I can ask my DBA's to it ?

Ganesh said…
what changes are necessary in the server config to make Oracle application work wiht Vista ?
Roel said…

You have to modify the formsweb.cfg file. See this for the details.

Rob said…
Hi there!

I Managed to get JVM to work for Vista by editing formsweb.cfg and change the settings of the forms server to auto download the correct plugins. My article is in dutch, you can read it here. Fot the non-dutch readers: at the bottom of the document there are some links to english articles.

Good luck!

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