Friday, August 29, 2014

APEX 5 New Password Reset Features

Now and then it happens when we're logging in into our APEX instance: We have to change our password again .... And that means, typing it in an awful number of times:
1. Current Password
2. New Password (and of course preferably the same as the current one ...)
3. Confirm New Password
4. Press Apply Changes
5. Press Retun
6. And we're back at Square One : The login screen - and here we type that password again...
But in APEX 5 the APEX Development Team made it easier for us: When you have to change your password, you're automagically logged in with that brand new password. Finally. Sigh ....

It's a very small thing - but it takes away just that little bit of irritation every few months or so ;-)
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