Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blackbird : Javascript logging 2.0

When debugging your APEX Javascript stuff you probably use Firefox with Firebug. By writing messages to the console, you can follow the flow of your Javascript. Incidentally you use - annoying - alerts in your code to find out where you messed up your code. But recently I stumbled upon BlackBird! With blackbird you can write different types of messages, like info, warning and error messages, to a little console window, that looks a bit like a Twitter client. You can show/hide the window using F2. In this little window you can toggle the type of messages you're interested in. And it works even on IE!
Blackbird consists just of 1 CSS, 1 JS and two image files, so it is very easy to install.
Just a little tip, rename the namespace from 'log' to something like 'bb', to avoid conflicts with the Firebug log.
You can find the code, demo and docs on http://www.gscottolson.com/blackbirdjs/.
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