Thursday, July 02, 2009

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler available - but not for free....

Almost covered by yesterdays FMW 11g stampede, the production version of SQL Developer Data Modeler is available on OTN.
As expected (see this and this last years blog entry) this is not a free tool like SQL Developer or JDeveloper. It is a for-cost option of SQL Developer, and requires a separate license. And what are the license costs (as of yesterdays Pricing List): $3000 + $660 per year per Named User.
It looks really good. The functionality is about the same as the modeling part of good old Oracle Designer (it can even import the definitions from a Designer Repository). The full Internet Developer Suite costs $5800 + support per user. But then you get the all Designer functionality + Oracle Forms + Oracle Reports...
Is it worth the $3000? I don't have an opinion on that yet, do you?
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