Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oracle Designer Extension for SQL Developer

In SQL Developer there is an Application Express node. That is a great way to browse through the APEX Repository. And wouldn't it be great if you can use the same technique to browse your Designer repository?
Can we build it...yes we can...
Using User Defined Extensions you can create something like this:'Just' create an XML file to query the Repository and add it as an extension of the Navigator type. This XML file does what is shown in the pic above (it is not finished yet, and anyone who wants to contribute...feel free to add more subnodes/details!). Just click on 'expand source' to see the code.

SELECT 'Entities' name from dual
SELECT 'Functions' from dual

SELECT b.id, b.name
from ci_app_sys_entities a
, ci_entities b
where a.application_system_reference = :APP_ID
and b.id = a.entity_reference
and 'Entities' = :SEL_NAME

SELECT a.id, a.name
from ci_attributes a
where a.entity_reference = :ENT_ID

SELECT b.id, b.short_definition
from ci_app_sys_functions a
, ci_functions b
where a.application_system_reference = :APP_ID
and b.id = a.function_reference
and 'Functions' = :SEL_NAME

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