Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The OBUG APEX SIG, held yesterday in Vilvoorde (near Brussels), was a smashing success. Due to the overwhelming amount of registrations, we even had to disappoint some people... Next year we should look for a venue that can accommodate more people!
Due to a long (at least, longer than I expected) driving time, I arrived during Anthony Rayner's presentation on APEX 4.1. It contained lots of demo's, especially the ones about the new error handling features where impressive: this is really a major improvement! The remarkable thing about the presentation itself was, he used a new feature of Websheets: Presentation Mode! Using this, you can (more or less easily) create presentations that contain real live data!
After the coffee break, iAdvise did a nice presentation on how to build (and use) Plug-ins. It was a smooth step-by-step approach on how to create a Plug-in. Well done guys!
The lunch was excellent, thanks to Oracle...

Right after that, John Scott did a presentation on OHS, EPG and APEX Listener. Too bad he ran a little out of time, so he couldn't address all the cool features of the AL. Nevertheless a very useful presentation when you have to decide which web server method you need - or better stated : when to use which one...because "it all depends" of course...
The next track I skipped to run through my own presentation once more - because it was the first time I would be doing "Done in 60 seconds - Creating Web 2.0 applications made easy". The presentation is all about the coolest feature (according to the OTN Forum poll) of APEX 4.0 : Dynamic Actions. I managed to do all demo's without any (major) flaw, so I think it all went pretty well....
Before the long trip home, I had some drinks and chats with the other attendees. It was good to see all those familiar (and new!) faces again.
Thanks to Oracle for hosting this event! But next time we should look for a venue somewhere in (the south of) The Netherlands...

Friday, May 20, 2011

XFILES APEX Community Edition (XACE)

For the upcoming KScope, Marco Gralike and myself are working on a revamped version of the XFILES application Carl Backstrom and Mark Drake presented 3 years ago during OOW. Using the techniques they presented and the current state of the art (APEX 4), we created a database centric Version Control system for APEX...built in APEX and XML-DB.
For a (very brief) preview and some background information, take a look at Marco's blog.
For those who can't make it to Long Beach, we will do a preview session on June 14, at the AMIS office in Nieuwegein (The Netherlands, that is).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Expert Oracle Application Express

I have just seen half of the chapters in this upcoming book. And I only can say: WOW! The content of this book is just so good. So this is definitely a must-have! You can  pre-order it already (click here). And - again - all revenues go to charity....