Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More on AnyCharts 4 & APEX

As a follow up on my previous post I created a more elaborate example of the Anycharts 4 features. Take a look on this site and play around with the settings. Just click on the Horizontal/Vertical, 2D/3D settings or Bar Shapes: The chart will refresh automagically. You can easily achieve the same results - replacing your AnyCharts 3 with AnyCharts 4 - in your current APEX application (and - quote from Dimitri - nicer charts = more money ;-) ). Just edit the Chart Region Source as described in the previous post and cut-and-past the XML from the demo site into your Custom XML and you're done.

The good news is, is that my colleague Rutger is working on a package that even generates that AnyCharts 4 XML, using the definitions in the APEX Repository! So you even don't have to get your hands dirty editing Custom XML... I expect that he will publish that piece of work 'soon' (i.e. in the next two weeks), so keep a close watch on his blog!
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