Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Oracle Forums are and then

Last weekend the new version of the Oracle Forums went live - for the second time. I really like the new look, it's leaner and meaner than the old one. The most frequent posters lost all their (sometimes thousands) of 'post-points' and have to start all over again to reach the top. At the start all pigs are equal again! And now you only can earn points if your answer is marked as 'correct' or 'helpful' by the original poster. IMHO that is a good change, but the OP surely will 'forget' to reward the answers at the start.
The bad though is that the forums seem to be more down as up the last two days. Usually the 'sorry for this inconvenience' message appears. I hope Oracle will fix this soon, as a lot of users are solely dependent on these forums for support (e.g. APEX, XE, etc)!
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