Monday, June 12, 2006

The Future of Forms

I found a nice blog where the future of Forms is described. Click here for the complete article.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Spelling out numbers...

Allways wanted to spell out numbers Laughing? The most simple solution is using a SQL date (!) format mask:

SQL>select to_char( to_date( 12345, 'J'), 'JSP') Words from dual;

There is one drawback : it works only with integers between 1 and 5373484..Frown

Amazing what you can do using APEX (aka HTML/DB)!

Despite Belgium is not qualified for entering the World Cup Soccer in Germany, Dimitri Gielis found the time to create a tool for entering and betting the scores for the games. All created using APEX and the result is very good looking!

Click here to see what he has accomplished!

Cool extensions for SQL Developer

On this page you can find two fine extensions on SQL Developer.

With ErrorsLookup4Raptor a small entry field is added to the toolbar where you can enter an Oracle error code. The cause and action of the error will be displayed. Saves a lot of time searching through manuals!

The other extension is Insider4Raptor, a graphic tool that shows all your database activity and traffic. Looks a lot like SQL Monitor from Quest, but a lot cheaper (like free Laughing). Take a look at this screendump (in real life there are a lot of "moving dots" and it looks even more fancy!)

Try it out yourself!